C# Related Courses at Foothill College

What is an Online Class and Why Would I Want to Take One?

Developing Web Applications with C# (CIS-019W)

Advanced C# (Windows Forms Development) (CIS-019D)

Windows Presentation Foundation in C# (CIS-019M)

Silverlight (CIS-019S)

Designing User Interfaces with Expression Blend (CIS-019K)

Windows Communication Foundation in C# (CIS-019L)

Deploying .NET Applications (CIS-019N)

Visual Studio Tools for Office Using C# (CIS-019V)

SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Implementation (CIS-054C)

Scripting for Windows Administrators (CNET-060J)

Windows Powershell Scripting (CNET-060K)

Programming in Perl (CIS-068E)

Free Microsoft Software

C# Market Penetration

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